Swat Nation

The Most Positive
& Friendly Halo Community There Is

We love Halo

SWAT is one of the most hardcore, competitive game modes in Halo, and also one of the most popular ranked playlists in the Arena. Because of this, we have created SWAT Nation, a community that aims to include every single SWAT player out there. We love SWAT as much as you do, and we want you to be part of this great community. Let’s show the world who we are, and what we do, in one of the most challenging modes in the Halo universe!



We welcome every SWAT player in the world. It’s always great to meet new players and bring them into the community. By connecting with other members, you’re helping us to grow the community. Also creating new experiences like tournaments and game sessions. All of this while also making new friends.



All members of the community are always looking for people to play, strategize, compete, and improve with. By playing with other community members, you’re not only creating a friendly, competitive environment, but also generating value and awareness for our community. SWAT is our passion!



Many of our members are among the best SWAT players in the world. Some of them have their own content creation channels on Twitch and YouTube. They actively engage with the rest of the community, providing a unique opportunity to learn from and improve your SWAT skills. Come and try it for yourself.