Karley "Zombie AZF"


Gamer Tag(s): Zombie AZF
Joined SWAT Nation: January 1, 2019
Favorite video game: Halo 4
Favorite Color:
Weird/unique fact: When I was a kid I won an award for the neatest hand writing 3 years in a row- it's still my greatest achievement.


I’m a SWAT nation artist & my favorite thing to draw is derpy bears. The best Halo is Halo 4 & I dare you to 1v1 me. My best friend & creative duo is a bear, my favorite colour is green, my favorite drink is MOTHER ENERGY & I have a little obsession with true crime & creepy stories. I have three pets affectionately known as Teddy, Beefy Boy & Beans, I name my plants even thought I can never keep them alive & now you know absolutely everything about me.