Easter Headhunt v2 (#37)

April 4, 2021

Prize Pool: $500 | Time: 2:00 PM EDT | Deadline: 04/01/2021 @ 7:00 PM EDT


What’s that?

Time to collect easter eggs and headshots! Sign up for our next event as a team of 2 and get a random team of 2 through a draft!

Registration Deadline/ Bracket/ Draft: Thursday April 1st 7pm EST

(Draft will happen live on twitch.tv/NapTimez at this time)

Tourney Start time: Sunday April 4th 2pm EST

(Tourney will go live at this time at twitch.tv/swatnationlive)

Prize Pool: $500 USD (1st: 250, 2nd: 150, 3rd: 100)


Plaza, Truth, Regret, Eden, Coliseum, The Rig, The Pit, Fathom, Empire, Tyrant, Overgrowth, Stasis, Riptide, Pegasus 2 ~ Any maps not already showing in custom lobby can be found in “Twitch NapTimez” Fileshare


Weapons used: ALL Playlist weapons

Score to 50

Pre-Made Gametype will be available in “Twitch NapTimez” Fileshare: Ex. Headhunt H5mag

What are the Rules?

The rules for this, and all other SWAT Nation tournaments can be found in the RULES PAGE. By signing up, you acknowledge you’ve read and agreed the rules. Additionally, NO SMURF ACCOUNTS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR THIS TOURNAMENT. Please register with your main accounts. Thanks.

How do I register?

You can sign up at the bottom of this page.