Spring Bloom (#36)

March 6, 2021

Prize Pool: $500 | Time: 12:00 PM EST | Deadline: 03/04/2021 @ 7:00 PM EST


Say What?

4v4 Halo Reach SWAT Tourney is upon us! Grab your allies and sign up for what is going to be one of our sweatiest events thus far. Competitors will relive the halo reach days with no shields in a competitve double elim format for a prizepool of $500USD. This tourney will use the current MCC Halo Reach SWAT settings/maps from matchmaking.

For us to make this tourney happen, we require at least one player to stream their POV on Twitch from each team. Everyone is welcome to stream, we are just asking for this one requirement so that we can appropriately cast the tournament. When signing up, you will indicate who on your team will have a clean broadcast (minimum 1 per Team) and agree to allow us to co stream.

What’s the Format?

  • Crossplay
  • SWAT
  • Score to 50
  • 4v4
  • Use the game type in “Twitch NapTimez” fileshare on MCC (will be uploaded soon)
  • Mouse + Keyboard / Controller

Maps will include: (These are the tuned SWAT maps from MCC SWAT)

Powerhouse, Arena Zealot, Countdown SWAT, Asylum, MLG Pit, Reflection

* Maps are subject to change.

Gametype “Spring Bloom SN”

All maps and gametype can be found in “Twitch NapTimez” fileshare.

When is it?

The tourney will take place on Swaturday, March 6th 2021 at 12pm EST

Registration deadline is Thursday March 4th at 7pm EST. Bracket will go live immediately after!

What are the Rules?

The rules for this, and all other SWAT Nation tournaments can be found in the RULES PAGE. By signing up, you acknowledge you’ve read and agreed the rules.

It’s REQUIRED to have players streaming this one for casting purposes.

Current Roster

How do I register?

You can sign up at the bottom of this page. Enter your player/stream information in the form.