SWAT is one of my favorite Halo modes and I primarily play Reach and Halo 4 SWAT.


Swat gamer


i play a lot of video game’s like minecraft ark halo 5 and more

Jumbo Peaks

Love swat

Rise Yathlar

just a guy who likes playing swat and is looking for a team

lx Crashed xl

My name is Richard “Crashed” Ide, I am a competitive Halo player since Reach. I am trying to get back into gaming as a whole and hopefully get back into competitive Halo too. I am fun to play with gets a long well with other and down to play whenever when I can.



Eat. Sleep. Play Halo Swat. Swat is life.


I am the old school halo 2 crew ❤ i am now back on xbox since last year due to covid and i love playing swat i just trying to get good now lol maybe by the time my grand daughter can play i will be good ❤🤣

H0j0 420

33 year old gamer dad of 2 love shooter games especially h5 swat!!!

NxS Deskam eS

Halo loving kid, grow up with H:CE, H2 and H3. Best stats in Reach, grinding H5 to champ.
After an break for 4 years just in H5 back.


Good luck, have fun, don’t die! 🙂


Danny is my son.


Just your everyday Graphic Designer playing too much Halo and Hockey. #puckerup


The worst halo player you will ever meet. Happy to be here though, From Ontario, 33 years old

Raised Wulf

A crazy cat lady with a passion for halo!


A certified athletic trainer and current physical therapy student that loves some headshots in his free time

Argus Plexus



Former Halo head that now wants to chill and vibe with everyone. Currently studying to get into a PT/PTA program 🙏 I read a lot of engineering and neuro research in my off time~



Like everyone apperently still love Halo


All we can do is Try!!


My name is Teghan aka Lucky we Just Started a new community all about helping and supporting everyone in any way we can! I LOVE HALO! I have been playing and collecting Halo for 19+years non stop I’m a true Halo fan and always will be! ILY