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Other GT is I Hate Pepsi, got into SWAT in Halo 5 with Naptimez and the crew. Was Champ 10 or lower for 6+ seasons in a row before I quit. Back for Infinite, currently Onyx 1835 in open bracket


High school teacher and gamer. Dad of two. Destiny 2 and Halo SWAT are my go tos.


Halo Grinder 💪

prop huntn

Started back in Halo 2, loved Reach due to that being my first online in the franchise. Been on three deployments, one in the Arabian Gulf, and two in the South China Sea. Have went to Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, Manila, Vietnam, Guam, and Hawaii.
I also stream pretty much everyday, love putting content out. Planning to ramp up content for YouTube. Anything more you want to know just hmu!


I’ve been playing Halo ever since it first came out for the original Xbox, I’ve never really got into the competitive scene till recently when I got the new Xbox series S and played MCC that’s when i started to fully get into multiplayer, surprisingly I’m pretty decent at the game. I’m 22 years old and disabled. I’ve been disabled since I was born and video games have helped me throughout my life wether it’s inspiring me to write a story or to give a bit reprieve from my life.

Agnt OrangeX

my names Dan, grew up on halo and was addicted to halo 5 swat before apex took me over lol but now that infinite is out im back home!!


I have been a huge Halo fan since CE. 2 years ago I switch to PC and ventured into other games but with Halo Infinite, I want to get back into swat. from Halo 2 to Halo 5, my friends and I only played swat. I would love to join the community and compete in the tournaments!


I main SWAT on Halo Reach. Pretty much all I do. Also this is probably irrelevant, but I might skip some events because of therapeutic counselling, even if I say I’ll be there. I also don’t do well in VC so I won’t participate in voice chat.


Ix Destroyer xX

I am a semi-professional gamer, with roots in the Counter-strike 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and Source scene. I also won numerous regional and national Halo tournaments when I was an adolescent.

I am now a 32-year old Network Engineer with two kids, who I am raising to be competitive gamers, like myself. Once the Halo competitive scene dried up, I swapped my skills over to FartNite where I have made a fair amount of $.

Now that Halo: Infinite is out, I plan to petition the garbage devs of 343 to bring back SWAT and Snipes. If Swat/Snipes are not added to Halo: Infinite in the next month, I will very likely quit playing and boycot 343. I want my kids to grow up in a world where they can experience the greatest game mode to ever exist on the face of the planet. I refuse to allow 343 to disrespect their fanbase with such an atrocious and disgusting offering in Multiplayer.


SWAT is the game mode for me. 27yo boy just living the California dream inside of a room within a house.


I’m a hardcore SWAT player. Been playing since the original Halo and it’s really the only game I ever play.

RIP Van 117

I’m the best Halo player to ever live.




Var the Silent


morning bruh
Just your everyday New Zealander.


I’m Nat! I’ve been playing halo since I could play video games. Started with 3, went to reach when it came out, and 4 after that. I wasn’t super into 5, so I’ve only played a bit. But MCC has been amazing, and the Infinite flights I’ve been in have been really good. I’m great at swat, and I feel like I’d be a great addition to any team.


Casual Player.

Camaro MC


Sweaty Halo try hard from dirty ol’ NYC! I’m a Halo streamer & content creator sharing my wholesome content in hopes to crack a few smiles, laughs, & forge an awesome community!


I’m from Kansas City. I currently live in Arizona. I started playing swat when Halo: Reach first came out. I play Halo: MCC casually nowadays with my wife and step daughter; mainly swat.


Just a fan of swat and trying to get better!


Halo player since CE, really got into SWAT around Halo 3/Reach. Recently got back into it all with MCC and now H5 with a buddy of mine (who is also applying to join), and have been loving getting better and having fun with this game mode! Can’t wait for Infinite.

Sir Nights

just your average gamer trying to make it in these trying times


Just got Halo 5 a few months ago. Last FPS game was Halo 3.


I’m a snowboard riding, drum bashing, car loving, sports enthusiast!

Woolly W0mbat

Avid halo fan. Favorite halo… halo 2. My favorite matchmaking variant is swat. I’ve made a lot more friends through playing swat then any other variant so partly here to keep meeting more enthusiasts and find a community.


My name is Anthony and I am a Halo 5 Streamer/Content Creator. I stream Halo 5 just about everyday for multiple hours and have been doing it consistent for about 2 years now. I love to entertain with good Arena Gameplay, guitar playing, and spewing out anything that comes to mind ;^)


I am 32, I’ve been playing halo since halo 2. I primarily play swat, the only other game mode I. Like is snipers. I’m married, work and go to school full time. I have a companion animal named Trixie, she is an 11 year old blind boxer.


Halo fan since I can remember. I make youtube videos and love all things Halo, Swat included of course. I play both casually and competitively. Always down to play with anyone, good or bad at the game. I play on MNK to make the game harder because it’s more fun that way. FFA competitor. Thanks and glhf.


I’m Moggie, From United Kingdom. I’ve played halo since H2 and like to 100% the achievements for the franchise.

Xbox series x
Beo play portal headset
Xbox elite 2 controller


Just a regular dude that loves swat specifically on reach



Gaming is a hobby and a passion with halo being the start of it all. I remember the times as a kid going over to my friend’s house to play halo and taking turns after each death. I still meet up regularly with my childhood friends on the weekends to play halo and have a good time. When I’m not gaming, I’m working in IT or working on my car.


KB4 Zod

Been playing Halo since the release of HCE. Play H5 on a regular basis and hope to play Infinite at a competitive level.

IDS Mcvay x

I love halo and swat. Competitive and fun.


My name is shreddr, or mastr if you prefer. I’m a Hoosier. I played my first swat match on Halo 3 and never looked back. Swat!!!


I’m a competitive Halo player and streamer from South Africa. I’m also a Lead Front End Product Developer so I use my skills to create cool and unique tools for Halo players and streamers.

vDa Furiious

I’m a competitive gamer, love swat since halo 3, 50 in Swat at H3 ando Champ at Swat in H5


OG Halo 2 SWAT Player


Hey there, my names Dustin and I’m currently stationed in Japan in the military. I’m a long time halo player that’s been playing swat off and on since Halo 2 came out. I recently got back into halo 5 and I’m looking for people to play with and get better instead of just playing solo. I got onyx after halo 5 came out and recently started again and I’m platinum 3 atm and want to push back into onyx and prepare for halo infinite.


Have a Overshield at Swat


Fun in party chats – pumpkin spice halo player.

lol 19mile

i love fortnite and 2D females


Me gusta mucho jugar halo reach team swat


I’m an OG Halo player, a Husband, Father, and engineer. I’ve been playing Halo solo and I’m looking for a community to get involved with. Looking forward to playing with likeminded individuals and brushing up on my Halo skills.


I love guns, steak, Halo, and Alien. I’m an admin of CivilHalo on Instagram. SWAT is my favorite gamemode.

a Fearocity

im emo


Hey it’s DaN AmBroSE!



Verified as the chattiest SN member (shut up flex) I love helping others and dont shy away from offering a helping hand to those in need. I love streaming, chatting, gaming and tend to be pretty competative cause I love a good challenge!


I grind video games a lot and love to play in some flash tourneys. I love participating in sn events or helping out with sn events.

I SpiTfire U

Just a random individual doing stuff!


It’s called Built Different

xi MrMojoRisin

Long time Halo 5 SWAT player. Reached Champ Rank on multiple seasons.

Smoke Yadig

Hey my name is Ryan and im a competitive halo player. I love Yazy.


Apollo 9