One Flash To Rule Them All! (#44)

August 27, 2021

Prize Pool: $200 | Time: 8:30 PM EDT | Register By: 8:30 PM EDT

SN Dark Tourney Top 8 #44

All of the relevant maps and gametypes can be found in Phob ‘s or NapTimez ‘ Bookmarks!

For FRISBEE use MAP: Js ULT FRISBEE v2.02 GAME MODE: Ultimate Frisbee revised

For Ro Sham Bo Flash use MAP: PF2.0 Ro Sham Bo and use GAME MODE: Ro Sham Bo Flash from Phob’s bookmarks

For Husky Raid use MAPS: Stand Clear, Putput and M808b production and use GAME MODE: Husky Raid from Phob’s Bookmarks

For Extermination use MAPS: Yggdrasil, Helheim and Dreamscape and use GAME MODE: Extermination from Phob’s Bookmarks


Signups for this flash tourney are closed.